Our Entrepreneur’s Mind Set program for the month of February was a massive success! Shout out to all who attended and gave them self a chance to benefit from what our presenters had to share. The event was held on Feb 17 2018 at Morning star mall with an attendance over 500. We had the privilege of Hosting the world renowned athlete and entrepreneur Haile Gebressilasie as our champion of choice to share us his secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur. We learned that his number one success ingredient is consistent discipline. He also shared stories from his life journey so far on how he transformed challenges to an opportunity for growth. This personal narrative practically shows that he is the embodiment of ‘Yichalal’ mindset.

On our challenge presenter session.we had Mr.Fitsum Arega from Ethiopian investment commission. He talked about Industrial parks especially show casing the case of Hawassa . Though industrial parks offer a lot of advantages in various aspects it doesn’t mean they are free of challenges. Mr Fitsum pointed out main pertinent issues that have to be overcome so that parks can become more productive. What he shared was very important to urban entrepreneurs and those who aspire to become one, because it gave an insight on how current challenges can be capitalized on to be converted into a problem to solved and an opportunity to be seized by entrepreneurs.

Another Key component of the event was the unlocking possibilities session by our very own Tewodros Tadesse. A highly sought after trainer/entrepreneur and an activist for social transformation. He shared key points on How to have a growth mind set in order to become a successful leader/entrepreneur.

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As the month is march our sessions are tailored to address especially aspiring Women leaders/entrepreneurs.