A most incredible EcoSystem101 Fireside Chat last night with an incredible powerhouse Ethiopian firebrand and serial entrepreneur!

ceo of soleRebels, creator of Republic of Leather, ceo of Garden of Coffee, ceo of Made By Ethiopia, ceo of Perimeter Consulting, wife and mother of 3, and still in her 30s (!), Bethlehem blew us off the chart with a packed house, standing room only crowd, and a discussion that was deep, insightful, hilarious at times, and absolutely unforgettable, as she spoke to themes of starting her first company at 24, believing in herself, learning as she went, knowing deeply the problem you want to solve, giving it everything even selling your house to survive the business, treating employees like co-owners, staying positive, managing stress and keeping balance.

Quotable quotes from this Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, CNN Top 12 Women Entrepreneurs of the Last Century, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, 1st African entrepreneur to address the UN General Assembly, 1st African entrepreneur to address the White House Leaders Summit, and many many more accolades:

-Every single day is valuable.
-I always keep trying.
-Who am I? A very simple person, a hard worker, if you come to my factory I look like a day laborer.
-Who you are in the future is in your hands today.
-I don’t have regrets, I have learning curves.
-I am strong because I am surrounded by positive people.

Thank you dear friend, and blueMoon Lioness, Bethlehem!